Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Page for Lexi

I'm on a roll so I've caught up with this and even got ahead of myself.

Here's my page for Lexi - she wanted a quote with no clowns, peel offs or pink fluffy bunnies. I hope she doesn't mind butterflies though. The lettering I did do myself but it is copied from one of those facebook quote sites (can't remember which one)  and it took ages. I may never do that again!

Hope you like it Lexi - it will be in the post as soon as I've sourced some board envelopes (as will all the others.


  1. They are all gorgeous Rebecca! I love your backgrounds and lettering, do you stamp the letters? I need some big letter stamps!!!

  2. butterflies & a teal colour = major happiness and the beginning of a search for a frame for this ( minus the glass ). i want to put this in my lounge :) lov it