Friday, 6 July 2012

Karen's Journal

Hello peeps :D

This is where I will be sharing my (not very good) art journal pages.  I am part of 2 AJ CJs, I don't have a theme as such for my own journal, but have sent around 7x5 sheets of watercolour paper for people to do anything they want :)  I will also add pages that I have done for other people too for their journals.  The 2 CJ names are 'From the Ashes' and 'Secret Swappers' (so you know what I am referring to when I mention those words lol !!

1st up we have my title page and 2 completed pages for my 'Ashes' CJ

The next pages are a double LO I did for Marie's journal (again, part of the Ashes CJ) Her theme is 'Today I'm feeling ....' and she caught me on a bad day lol !!

Back in a month with the next instalment !!