Wednesday, 31 October 2012

AJ Page for Karen

Here is my page for Karen. 
I like the quote below so thought I would make an AJ page using it.
And a matching ATC as well.
Hope you like it Karen, its on the way to you in the mail.  

Thanks for looking 
..... Lexi .....

My AJ for Stan

I have journalled the word 'accepted' for Stan's CJ. I'm not terribly confident in being free and splodgy yet, in true AJ stylee but think I like it a lot. I actually prefer it to scrapping (gasp, sacrilege I feel) and, having had a fondle through my stamps and sprays I think I'll get into it quite a lot now and loosen up..... Anyway, I had a happy time with dylusions and perfect pearls sprays, and rooting through my RianDesign collection... Happy days.

Pages for Helen

At long last I have finished my second lot of pages for Helen, after making the first set the wrong size, I didn't know that A5 didn't measure 7x5, oh well live and learn :)  Anyway here are my pages and they should be winging their way to Helen today, I hope you enjoy them.  The blue page I have used a painty background and the other I have used some of my Dylusions ink sprays.

Monday, 29 October 2012

AJ Page for Leanie

Somewhat late, but at least still in the right month, here is Leanie's AJ page. Her theme was free for all. Tough call. The first page I did turned out really quite dark and sinister (and may be recycled for Karen lol), the next 2 or 3 attempts ended up in the bin, but here is the final version for Leanie. Not at all what I set out to do but there you go. Hope it works for you Leanie dear.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

A Page for Lexi from Sian

Hello Secret Swappers :)

I've finally finished what I think should have been my September page (sorry Lexi!) - Lexi wanted quotes, sayings, thoughts or poems. So I turned to one of my favourite poets and philosopers... Edward Monkton! For anyone who doesn't know who he is buy one of his books immediately!!! I recommend "Life". I recreated one of his lovely musings in a slightly more art journally style and here it is:

This is his original so you understand what I'm on about...
I sprayed a fabric ATC to use as my "box" and attached it with a ribbon, I sprayed the background with Dylusions, stamped with Dylusions and drew my own butterflies. 

Anyway hope lexi likes it as she's waited long enough for it. Eek. Sian xx