Saturday, 16 March 2013

Page for Rebecca

Here is my page for Rebecca, hope you like it :)  I have used some Dylusion inks, a Tim Holtz quote stamp, Stampotique stamp. It should be winging it's way over to you now :)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Page for Helen - actually pages

The final one for the moment, although the first if you're reading these. I know what I mean! This is for Helen, and she wanted a double page spread with a quote. There is lots of texture and stamping there as she asked for, but I feel I've failed on colour as it's pretty monochromatic. I like it for some reason, but I may do another one sometime if I get inspired.

Page for Bean Chop Suie

This is an odd one. Firstly, it's the last one I should be making, but while I was doing the other pages I seemed to be in a bit of a monochrome vibe, and as Suzie wanted monochrome I went with it. I may or may not add something else to this one but it's pretty much there. Hope you like it Suzie.

Page for Yolanda

And another. This one for Yolanda was based on favourite stamps. Now, most of my favourite stamps are my background type ones so I've used a few of them on the page, but I also have a fondness for my Tim Holtz umbrella man so in he went. Hope you like it Yolanda.

Page for Lexi

I'm on a roll so I've caught up with this and even got ahead of myself.

Here's my page for Lexi - she wanted a quote with no clowns, peel offs or pink fluffy bunnies. I hope she doesn't mind butterflies though. The lettering I did do myself but it is copied from one of those facebook quote sites (can't remember which one)  and it took ages. I may never do that again!

Hope you like it Lexi - it will be in the post as soon as I've sourced some board envelopes (as will all the others.