Sunday, 15 September 2013

Page for Sian

Here is my page for Sian, I choose the word 'angry' I know I can be quick to anger and I found a great quote that I thought was very true. I found an 'angry' picture, I used Dylusions red sprays with a touch of black,  added a few circles and hand wrote the quote.

Hope you like it Sian, I have really enjoyed working on your word play book.

Yolanda xxx

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Pages for Rebecca and Cronnie

Here's my pages for Rebecca and Cronnie (which I hope she will have when she arrives home from her most recent gallavanting around the world lol)

And finally here's the pic I took of all three pages I made that day from left to right - 
Cronnie, Rebecca and Leanie

Sian - who may as well change her name by deed poll to Stan lol xxx

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Page for Leanie

Here's my page for Leanie:

For anyone who doesn't understand what the eff it's on about then google spoon theory lol

Stan xxx

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Page for Leanie

Leanie's theme was anything goes :)  I inked up a page with some of my Dylusions inks and did a little bit of a ghosting technique, stenciled some circles with gesso. added some inky circles, some liquid pearl swirls (can you tell I've just watched a Kate Crane DVD?) I added a Octopode stamp Glinda and a little quote I printed out.  Hope you like it Leanie :)

Yolanda xx

Page for Chris

Chris's theme was 'She Art', I hadn't done anything like this before, so after a look on the good ole 'tinternet I found lots of inspiration.For my background I used some watercolour crayons, smooched over with a baby wipe, I had a Suzi Blu stamp to which I added some wings, a little bit of stenciling, a butterfly stamp,some washi tape and then I added the quote, simples :)
Hope you like it Chris.

Yolanda xx

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Page for Lexi

My page for Lexi, I got all painty, added some scrumpled up tissue paper and painted over that too, I then did a little stamping in the background, I stamped out a stampotique image on card, cut it out, stuck on and added a quote.

Hope you like it Lexi, Yolanda x

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Page for Karen

At last I managed to complete my page for Karen, I did have another background completed a few weeks earlier but it got lost under a mountain of stuff sitting on my craft desk so I completed this one in one night incase it would go missing again. I used some Dylusion inks and got rather messy,stamped one of my stampotiques, found a nice quote and tried a different style of hand writting, not sure if I quite got it right. Hope you like it Karen. Yolanda xx

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Page for Rebecca

Here is my page for Rebecca, hope you like it :)  I have used some Dylusion inks, a Tim Holtz quote stamp, Stampotique stamp. It should be winging it's way over to you now :)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Page for Helen - actually pages

The final one for the moment, although the first if you're reading these. I know what I mean! This is for Helen, and she wanted a double page spread with a quote. There is lots of texture and stamping there as she asked for, but I feel I've failed on colour as it's pretty monochromatic. I like it for some reason, but I may do another one sometime if I get inspired.

Page for Bean Chop Suie

This is an odd one. Firstly, it's the last one I should be making, but while I was doing the other pages I seemed to be in a bit of a monochrome vibe, and as Suzie wanted monochrome I went with it. I may or may not add something else to this one but it's pretty much there. Hope you like it Suzie.

Page for Yolanda

And another. This one for Yolanda was based on favourite stamps. Now, most of my favourite stamps are my background type ones so I've used a few of them on the page, but I also have a fondness for my Tim Holtz umbrella man so in he went. Hope you like it Yolanda.

Page for Lexi

I'm on a roll so I've caught up with this and even got ahead of myself.

Here's my page for Lexi - she wanted a quote with no clowns, peel offs or pink fluffy bunnies. I hope she doesn't mind butterflies though. The lettering I did do myself but it is copied from one of those facebook quote sites (can't remember which one)  and it took ages. I may never do that again!

Hope you like it Lexi - it will be in the post as soon as I've sourced some board envelopes (as will all the others.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Page for Suzy from Sian

Hello :D I made a page for Suzy. She wanted quotes - funny or serious - so here it is:

I thought this was a good quote for Suzy to think about whilst she was sitting in the cupboard drinking voddy and eating chocolate cake lol :) - I've done a Dylusions background with postbox red, funky fuschia and bubblegum pink then ghosted, stencilled and stamped. I cut a chaise longue out using my silhouette machine and mixed up some Dylusions characters to get her sitting with her feet up then handwrote the quote with Faber castell pitt pen and added white with signo uniball. Hope you like it Suzy - will post it out to you this week. Sian xx

Monday, 28 January 2013

Page for Suzy

At last I've managed to do a page for Suzy, I have used my Dyluisons ink sprays, some stencils and I stamped onto tissue paper with the Stampotique stamp Karin.

Yolanda xx

Sunday, 27 January 2013

AJ page for Chris

I'm on a roll, so here is Chris's page. She wanted a page themed on "She" - so everyone (including me) thought of She Art. Here's my version, and I hope Chris likes it.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

AJ Page for Sian

Well it's all go here today! I've just done Sian's AJ page - she wanted us to choose a word from her list and illustrate it (I think). I chose "Crazy" but took a somewhat light hearted view after finding an old Disney magazine article with the pink elephants from Dumbo. You'll see what I mean! I hope you like it Sian.

Lexi's page by Crino

Mojo abounds in the snow. So I wrestled it upstairs and did my January AJCJ page for Lexi.  I saw the quote this morning and it's really moved me and got me thinking.

I used.....Mister Huey gold spray, a couple of distress stains, an Inkadinkadoo stamp that I'd doubled up on and shared on SSers, and frankly had put aside thinking that I'd never use, but ooooh! I like it in the flesh so to speak.  The other stamp is a Studio Calico one that I use ALL THE TIME because it's so fab. This is a bit 'lighter' than the stuff I've been doing lately and I was really quite pleased. Thoughts? Comments? Complaints (the complaints department is out to lunch at the moment, please try later)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

She Art AJ for Chris by Crino

This is my AJCJ for Chris.  I've not done any 'she art' before and it's not exactly the same as Christy Tomlinson's stuff, but hey, I actually really enjoyed doing it and may well find myself doing some more.  The background is a mixture of Dylusions spray ink and inktense pencils (both of which are pretty new to me but I'm liking a lot) which I then stamped with an umbeliifer stamp that lurks in the dark recesses of the broom cupboard.  I 'dotted' the seed heads with a white sakura pen and I really like that effect.  I distress stamped the stitching around the top corner and found a nice grid stamp that I used for the hell of.  My lady is my own drawing, coloured with ProMarkers and the dress is made of two bits of paper - a book page which I stamped with the ladybird and and piece of raspberry plainish paper for the bodice.  Her name is Michelle and she's quite a one.  Oh, the words say 'she flies with her own wings' which is a saying I found on a site (which I will reference when I can find it....) but I really liked it - sums up how I feel at the moment which is a good thing I guess :)

I was initially a bit not freaked, but concerned that I hadn't explored this area of art before, but I'm pretty pleased with the end result. What do you think?

Monday, 14 January 2013

AJ Page for Rebecca from Helen

Here is the gorgeous page I received from Helen. Thank you so much - it is beautiful and I love it. The photo is not flattering as I don't have a camera so I'm having to scan things it, but you get the idea.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Page for Karen from Sian :o)

Karen wanted us to do whatever we like! So I did! Here it is:

Hope you like it :o)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Leanie's page for Sian/Stan

Whilst I'm on here I'll post the gorgeous page that Leanie made for meee :) Here it is:

I took the piccy in front of my laptop but the light from behind actually goes really well with the theme :D I love that you used my love of astronomy in your choice of words Leanie - big hugs xxx

Page for Helen from Sian

Here's my page for Tigs aka Helen. I spent ages looking through my quote book and on the net and I just couldn't decide then I was looking through my Timmy stamps and realised I had a quote stamp that I love and have never used but rather than just stamp it and be done I've done something slightly different. Hope you like it Helen :)

I used Dylusions sprays and border stamps. The little girl is from my favey TH stamp set Winged Things 1 and I used the retro circles from the TH set Bitty Grunge - the actual quote is from Urban Tapestry but I hand wrote most of it on some dylusioned card in contrasting colours to the background and I stamped the words that are highlighted on the actual stamp, cut them out and added them. It took me quite a while lol and I hope the fact that the little girl's leg dangle off the end isn't a problem - otherwise ye shall have to chop them off arrrr (pirate impression) - Sian :)