Saturday, 16 June 2012

Siân: Art Journal CJ - "Word Play"

Hi secret swappers :o)

As Im using the same CJ for this and another one Im going to post the "rules" here as I've sent the rule book out... Its quite simple... you will see a list of words I've collated, choose one or two and make a single art journal page sized 5.5" wide by 8" long.... here's the piccies:

The front of the "rule" book

The rules: 

The Words: 

Tags to create a matching sign-in:

The back of the rule book: 

Rule book all wrapped up like a present:

My entry: 

Matching tag, sign-in and explanation of entry

Ok so I hope that's clear! Any questions you know how to find me :) :)
Keep it secret. Keep it safe! Keep swapping!


  1. I loved the idea of this Sian and seeing it I now get what you mean. Great first entry and hopefully you'll have a gorgeous book at the end of it.

  2. Looking good :D can't wait to have a go in this.

  3. A great idea, although I've just spent ages trying to read only the large letters incase it's some kind of code - doh!

  4. Haha - just read your comment Leanne - he heeeeee! That would have been really good if I'd have made a code wouldn't it - I wish I had now! No I just thought it looked funky :D

  5. Cant wait for this one and love your entry.